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Innovative Home Designers in Calgary

Are you thinking of moving to a new home or wondering if your existing spaces could work better for you? Do you have your own ideas about an addition, but are unsure of the costs or area allowed? MacDougall Design Group is well-versed with these kinds of questions from homeowners, and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and the design possibilities. As seasoned home designers and architectural designers, we can assist you by producing various alternatives to help meet your needs at whatever stage your vision may be. We provide complete design services, including the preparation of drawings and documents for client approval, permit review stages (as required), contractor pricing, and for contractors, source of reference for building. We are committed to creating intelligent and thoughtful home solutions for our clients—designs that will bring lasting value and enjoyment to your life. 


If you have any queries regarding our services, please speak to us.

Our Services


MacDougall Design Group provides a variety of design and construction documentation services. We apply our architectural knowledge and past experience to meet the design needs of new or existing homes.


If a project requires a development and/or building permit, we also liaise with the planning and building authorities throughout the permit process to ensure your project receives the necessary reviews and approvals from City authorities.


Once the permits are obtained, construction can begin. We provide the builder with the necessary drawings and documentation to reference throughout the construction phase. Further, MDG is available throughout construction to help resolve any issues that might arise.


The following list includes the project types we have designed and had built:


Design for new homes – ‘Designing for place’—this is a key principle for a successful building outcome. Having designed and developed our own projects, we have a solid understanding of the opportunities that one site presents over another and how the site choice can affect the overall design, costs, and schedule for a future home. We can help homeowners and realtors understand some of the implications site choice might have on a new build or adding on to an existing home. Our projects have included:

  • Single family homes
  • Semi-attached homes
  • Small multi-unit buildings

Renovations & additions – We can provide the design guidance that will optimize and enhance your existing spaces, bringing quality and lasting value to your day-to-day lives. Projects we have undertaken and have seen built included:

  • Modernizing bungalows
  • Secondary suites, garages, and decks
  • Floor plan reconfigurations – looking at the entire home or specific areas within the home
  • Exterior design – modernizing old facades as they relate to interior spaces


Site planning + analysis - Our design planning includes determining allowable building area, zoning/by-law analysis, site layout for new and existing homes, and site studies for the development of homes on the market.


We look forward to hearing from you as to how we can help meet your home design needs. Contact us today.

Benefits of Hiring a Home Designer


Are you wondering whether hiring us is the right decision? Countless benefits come with choosing professional residential design services like ours. Some of these include:

  Understanding your needs: We are very interested in learning about you and what your world is and wants to be about. We become energized by learning about your situation, what your specific needs are, and how we can help through design – our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.


 Cost-effectiveness: Our designs are functional, appealing, and cost-effective. 


 Increased value: A home that has been designed with sensitivity to its surroundings is more likely to bring added value to the home itself and to the surrounding neighbourhood over time.

Expand Upon "You"


We know that when it comes to residential design, a one-size-fits-all approach is not desirable. When you entrust the design of your project to us, we can develop designs that will expand upon and capture the unique considerations you have provided us, all with a view to meeting your budget and adding value to your property and your life.

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As a boutique residential design firm in Calgary, we have undertaken numerous projects over the years. and carry out each with undivided attention. We invite you to schedule an appointment or chat with us regarding our services.

Our Projects

We invite you to view some of our projects.

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