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About Us

Client-Focused Residential Designers

MacDougall Design Group believes everyone’s space should be one that provides them with a great experience. Our company makes your vision of a home a reality by providing designs that offer a fine balance between beauty and functionality. MDG owner-principal Claire MacDougall will create plans that enhance your environment and provide innovative solutions to homeowners, developers, builders, and realtors. Our services attend to all of your home design and documentation needs.

About Claire MacDougall


Claire began her residential design practice, MacDougall Design Group, in 2008 after having worked with a number of commercial architecture firms for over 20 years. She pursued her journey of human place-making prior to, during, and after completing degrees in Environmental Studies at the University of Manitoba and Architecture at UBC in Vancouver. Over the course of her career, she has shared her creative vision in Vancouver, Barcelona, and Calgary.


Her background includes a diverse set of experiences that encapsulate work, travel, and education—all of which have contributed to her open and inquisitive approach to every project. Her designs are a result of thoughtful analysis of client needs and project context, combined with a strong desire to create something to be enjoyed now and well into the future.


Claire has helped owners, builders, and developers achieve unique building solutions, each with their own set of criteria. She believes we can build a better world through careful and thoughtful design and by being aware of the effects our choices have on future generations. Building quality into design builds quality into life.

About Peter Fehrmann


Peter is MDG’s principal structural associate. He has over 30 years’ experience working with structural engineering firms in Calgary and has invaluable input into all areas of the residential design industry. His background in projects includes commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential, and he has helped with the administration and delivery of projects throughout Alberta and British Columbia.  


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Our Design Principles


At MacDougall Design Group, our highest priority is to have a happy client at the end of every project. To achieve this, our approach includes:

  • Analyzing Client Needs - Starting the process in conversation with the client - listening, exchanging values and ideas, and then examining ways and solutions that harmonize with their needs, budget, and project context, while adhering to all building codes and by-laws.

  • Designing for a Sustainable Future - Creating designs that positively impact the environment and its adjacencies – now and into the future - building flexibility into design that supports healthy growth and change over time.

  • Designing Intelligently and Sensitively – Providing site-specific solutions that take advantage of existing attributes - topography, views, natural light, sun path, and trees - while respecting existing codes, by-laws and community guidelines.

  • Integrating Spaces - Designing to strengthen the connections - from indoor to outdoor space, building to site, and site to community.

Why MacDougall Design Group?


Some of the many reasons to choose our client-centric services include:

 Experience: We have managed numerous types and sizes of residential design projects. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of the residential design field.


  Customized services: We bring our knowledge and accumulated experience to each project—we listen to our clients, collaborate with them, and begin bringing the project to life.


  Comprehensive design solutions: Our range of residential design solutions encompasses a thorough investigation of all elements impacting the project.  


  Expertise: We specialize in inner-city neighbourhoods and have an understanding of all aspects of the building process in this area.

Contact Us


At MacDougall Design Group, we can revitalize old spaces - indoor or outdoor - or start from a clean slate and design a new home. To learn more about how we can help you with your next project, please contact us.

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